Healthcare Providers Verification Process

The verification of doctors and other healthcare providers on Doc2Us serves to safeguard users/patients by ensuring our healthcare providers are legally registered to local medical council with updated valid and relevant practicing certificates and qualifications to practice as healthcare professionals. All healthcare providers are required to go through a thorough verification process before being approved to provide services to the users.


Medical Registration with the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC)

All doctors MUST BE registered with the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC), show proof of valid practising certificates issued by MMC before being formally granted approval to practise at Doc2Us.

Verification Processes

  1. Prospective Healthcare Provider candidate will have to complete the online Sign-up Application Form
  2. The preliminary application will be reviewed and followed-up by the Recruitment Team
  3. The Recruitment Team will check and verify on the credential and valid registration with local relevant authorities and medical council
  4. Upon completion of initial screening prospective candidate will be scheduled to undergo an interview process
  5. The completed application will be reviewed and verified by the appointed Medical Director
  6. Verified healthcare provider will be granted approval to provide services via Doc2Us platform