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Virtual Doctor In Pharmacy Outlet Daily

We will install telemedicine kiosk at your pharmacy so that you can easily chat and consult in real-time with a fully registered doctor.

Digitally Signed Electronic Prescription

Our system will enable doctors to give accurate prescription electronically secured with a digital signature which ensures safe and secure dispensing.

Secure Medical Record Safekeeping

Patient’s medical record and history are securely stored in our database using blockchain technology. This means their data cannot be easily tampered or changed without approval.

Prescriptions are given to patients needing certain type of drugs before being dispensed by a pharmacist. Historically, prescriptions were paper-based, hand-written and signed by a registered medical practitioner but this has become increasingly irrelevant as we embrace the fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0). If we are out of town, the process of getting a hand-written chit from our familiar medical practitioners is too cumbersome and time consuming. DOC2US® saw this as an important pain-point to many and hence developed electronic prescription.

Electronic prescription or in short “e-rx” is defined as the process of electronically generating and sending a prescription order, allowing medical practitioners to send prescriptions to a pharmacy from any point of care.

A prescription is an important legal document. The management of prescriptions are regulated by law to ensure that drugs are dispensed against one prescription. Both prescriber and dispenser will have to ensure that there are no duplications of any prescriptions as this will severely affect patient safety.

As patient safety is DOC2US® top priority, they enhance their e-rx with Digital Signature, thereby ensuring prescriptions that are generated is highly secure, safe, authentic and valid manner. DOC2US® Digital Signature enhanced e-rx fully complies with the Malaysia Digital Signature Act 1997.

The use of both recognized electronic prescriptions with digital signature can fulfill the requirements of:

  • confidentiality
  • identity authentication
  • non-repudiation integrity of information

At the prescriber level, a medical practitioner can easily select the type of medications needed to be given to a patient. When taking repeat supplies, the doctor can easily generate an e-rx with just a few clicks, hence reducing prescription errors significantly. At the pharmacist level, dispensing error is now reduced significantly as illegible hand-written prescriptions are no longer relevant.

The DOC2US® Advantage

As you already know, the conventional way of dispensing is very slow and inefficient. Your walk-in client who needs a refill but without a paper prescription, will have to be asked to leave your pharmacy, go to a nearby GP to consult a doctor, get the prescription from the GP, then goes to see you again for dispensing. With DOC2US® your client can easily get an access to a doctor for consult in real-time at the comfort of your own pharmacy.

On top of that you will have a digital record of all your patients for easy follow up and refill in the future.

Now you can dispense medications with prescriptions easily and safely. Your clients safety is DOC2US® priority.

DOC2US® Your Trusted Online Doctor

Retrieval of E-Rx via QR code Scanning on


Ms. Lim Enni

- Chief Pharmacist of Alpro Pharmacy

" We get better data profiling of patients when subscribed to the DOC2US EPS service. We get to access complete patient data such as weight, height, medication allergies, etc. Everything is stored in one place safely. "

Mr Muhammad Farahi 'Arif

- CEO of Farmasi Al Arif

" I think DOC2US EPS is really convenient for our patients. When they come to our pharmacy and ask for prescription medicine, within 30 seconds according to data, they can get the prescription from DOC2US online licensed doctor and our pharmacist can proceed to dispense. "

Ms Khaulah

- Chief Pharmacist of Gpharmax

" It is a great experience working with DOC2US and we will try to improve to be a better partner. They give quick responses and always show total professionalism. In a word, we will call them stalwarts in their industry. "

Ph. Stacy Toh Shiek Chi

- Community Pharmacist / CCWC Accredited Woundcare Pharmacist

" Electronic Prescription (E-Prescription) makes dispensing more efficient and accurate. E-Prescription can eliminate handwriting error and dispensing error in reading the prescription. By doing this, the process of patient refilling the medication can be faster and less hassle in queuing to get the medication refilled.

In a way, it can improve patient’s medication adherence as well because there is lesser time need to spend to refill their own medication and pharmacist able to track the medication refilling frequency and provide counselling accordingly. "

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