Doc2Us saves you trouble from having to travel to the doctor unnecessarily. We often find ourselves desperate for a professional medical practitioner's advice at a time when it seems most inconvenient. The question that always seem to be lingering on our minds are: How severe is the situation and which doctor should I seek opinion from?

However, the idea of braving the weather and traffic, proceeding to find a car park, before joining others in the long queue then finally paying expensive consultation fees just to ask a simple question “What is wrong with me?” is barely worth the effort. Here’s where Doc2Us comes into play – connecting you to a healthcare professional and get advice instantly via a simple platform.

With Doc2Us, now you can text your preferred doctor and get instant response regardless it is during the daytime or night time or whether you are at work or on your sofa. Without having to travel all the way to see a doctor saves you all the hassle but more importantly it also means that ‘seeing’ a doctor is now more affordable and accessible.