recruitment poster


Thank you for considering to apply as Doc2Us Healthcare Provider. The following information will assist you in understanding our recruitment process better and provide you with necessary information about the sign up process.

Our Recruitment Process

Estimated timelines for the steps in our usual recruitment process are:
•    Online Sign up: Up to 1 week
•    Shortlisting: 1 Week
•    Interviews: 2 Weeks
•    Approval : 2 Weeks

Total of approximately 6 weeks.

How to Apply


  • Online sign up here
  • Fill up all required fields in the online application form
  • You will be notified by email and text messages via SMS/Whasapp/Messenger post



  • Screening anf verification of application performed
  • Upon verified you will be notified via email and text messages
  • Medical Team will review your application
  • The Recruitment Team will schedule an interview with you via video conferencing



  • Medical Team will conduct a short interview with candidate
  • duration: 5-10 minutes



You will be notified and granted approval to practice as our healthcare provider within the platform.  More detailed information will be sent to you shortly


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any query related to our recruitment process at