Doc2Us FAQ

 Account Related:

  1. How do I start using Doc2Us?

You can visit Apps Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android and download “Doc2Us – Your Personal Pocket Doctor App” for FREE. Once you have downloaded the application on your mobile phone you can sign up by simply filling in some simple personal details. A verification email will be sent to your email for you to verify before you can start using Doc2Us.

  1. Will I be anonymous on Doc2Us?

On Doc2Us, you’ll be known only by your nickname when you chat with our doctors or any healthcare professionals. You will remain anonymous unless you require electronic prescription (E-Prescription) from doctors.

  1. Can I change my nickname?

Yes, you may change your nickname from time to time by editing your profile under Settings.

  1. Then why is my full name required?

Your full name is required solely for the purpose of E-Prescription. Your full name will not be revealed unless you require E-Prescription from doctors.

  1. Why should I provide other personal details like gender and age?

Gender and age are basic information allowing our doctors to better understand  you providing you a more personalised care.

  1. Why are there fields for my IC no., Mobile No. and Address under my profile setting?

These fields will be required if you need E-Prescription. Our doctors will request you to fill in these details for the E-Prescription to be valid. Otherwise, you do not necessarily need to fill in these fields.

  1. Why should I connect with HealthKit or Google Fit?

Connecting to HealthKit or Google Fit allows your Biodata to be automatically updated. This will also enable our doctors to understand you more and tailor a more personalised care for yo.


Usage Related:

  1. How do I start chatting with doctors?

To start chatting with a doctor, go to home tab and choose your preferred healthcare provider. Within the category, choose your preferred doctor or healthcare professional. Then click to chat to proceed. A chat request will be sent to your preferred doctor. Once the request has been accepted by the healthcare provider the chat will take place.

  1. What if my chat request is not accepted after a long time?

You’ll be notified if your chat request is not accepted after a while. This means that your chosen healthcare provider might be occupied with work. If such case happens, click “Cancel” in the chat tab and choose another online healthcare provider.

  1. How will I know if a doctor is available?

There’s a coloured indicator next to the doctor’s name. Green colour means the doctor is available while the red indicator means the doctor is offline. However, please take note that even the indicator appears green, our healthcare providers might be busy with his/her clinical duty and  not able to accept your chat request. If so, either wait for the response or cancel the request and re-select another online healthcare provider.

  1. Can I change or chat with different doctors or healthcare professionals from time to time?

Yes, you may choose different healthcare professionals or doctors to chat with from time to time.

  1. Can I chat with a few doctors or healthcare professionals at the same time?

You’ll not be able to chat with more than one doctor at any one time.

  1. How long is every chat session?

There is no fixed duration for each chat session. However it can vary in certain cases based on Doctor’s discretion – meaning the doctor can decide not to end the chat after 10mins for certain complex cases. You will not be charged extra for the extended duration.

  1. How do I know if the doctor is genuine?

All doctors and healthcare providers are strictly screened through and verified by our medical committee before they are accepted to join Doc2Us platform. During the process, they are required to submit their relevant details, proof of qualifications and certification to us, followed by a video call interview to ensure that they are genuine. A doctor’s profile will be also displayed to you when you select a doctor and before you enter a chat.

  1. What should I do if a doctor is found not up to my expectation after accepting my chat request?

You may rate and review a doctor in the chat room under option (3 dots) tab. A bad rating will affect a doctor’s reputation on Doc2Us. Likewise if a doctor is good, do rate and review him/her highly. We treat all feedback and reviews seriously ensuring a better service rendered to you.

  1. What do I do if I find a doctor abusive or acting strangely?

Please report abuse immediately if a doctor is found abusive or inappropriate. You may do so under option (3 dots) tab in the chat room. We reserve the right to delist any healthcare provider who is found to be inappropriate of abusive.

  1. Will my previous chat history be saved if I exit a chat room?

All chat history will be saved under the “chat” tab.

  1. Can I use the service for emergency?

Doc2Us is strictly NOT meant for medical emergencies. For medical emergency please contact your local medical emergency provider (Malaysia – dial 999) or visit emergency room.

  1. What is ‘Goals’?

On Doc2Us, doctors or healthcare providers can assign simple goals for you to complete e.g. Lose 5kg in 6 months or walk 10000 steps per day. You may check the goals assigned to you under options (3 dots) tab in the chat room.

  1. What is E-Prescription?

An E-Prescription is an Electornic -instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes you to be provided medication. Through the platform your doctor can prescribe you with medications if indicated clinically.

  1. When do I need E-Prescription?

A prescription is required if you need to buy or refill certain prescribed medicines from pharmacies.

  1. What should I do if I need an E-Prescription?

During your chat with a doctor, please let him know your request. The doctor will send you an E-Prescription if he permits. However, you’ll need to fill in your further details under profile setting before the Doctor can send you an E-Prescription.

  1. What should I do with the E-Prescription?

Go to any pharmacy, preferably our partner pharmacies such as  Alpro Pharmacy Group and flash them this E-Prescription and the pharmacist will dispense the prescribed medications to you safely.

  1. Can I chat with my own personal doctor via Doc2Us?

Yes, you can always chat with your own family doctor or healthcare provider via the platform provided he or she has signed up with Doc2Us and be listed on the platform.

  1. How reliable is the information of advice given by your healthcare providers?

The information given by our healthcare providers is solely for reference and be treated as second opinion. It should not be treated as definite diagnostic or therapeutic advice.

  1. Can this platform replace face-to-face consultation in real world?

No. At present face-to-face consultation is not replaceable by any form of technology as we strongly believe that healthcare and medicine involve human touch and establishment of relationship between healthcare providers and patients. Doc2Us is here to complement the healthcare ecosystem providing a more accessible and affordable healthcare services.

  1. Can I share my account with my family or friends?

You are not encouraged to do so as our healthcare providers might have mistakenly given you inappropriate information.


Payment & Pricing Related:

  1. Why are my credit card or debit card details required?

Your credit card or debit card details are required for the charging of consultation fee for each chat session.

  1. What is the pricing like?

Currently, there are 2 different categories of pricing:












  1. When am I charged?

You’ll be automatically charged only when a chat session has been ended. The session can either be ended by the doctor or yourself.

  1. When I am not charged?

You’ll not be charged if you cancel chat request before chat request being accepted by the healthcare providers

  1. Can I chat for more than 10 mins?

Yes you may. However the decision is with the doctor or healthcare professional. He/she may choose not to end the session.

  1. Can I get any refund?

No refund is allowed, unless under a special circumstance. Please write to us if such situation occurs.

  1. Can I change my payment card?

Yes you may do so under Settings > Payment.

  1. Can I check my payment record?

Yes you may do so under Settings > Transaction History.

  1. Do I get any receipt for the payment?

Yes a receipt will be sent to your email every time a session has ended.


For any further queries, you may email us at